26 June 2008

9.5 Weeks to Go

Right now the little guy (name yet to be revealed) is sticking his rear end into my ribs. I was warned by many that this interesting position would have the ability to make me uncomfortable, but experiencing it is much more awkward than simply conceptualizing it. However uncomfortable though, I love it when I can feel him. It makes this amazing process of pregnancy much more real. (As if the engorged belly, excessive fatigue, and large appetite isn't enough to make it real.)

I just returned from spending my last alone moments with my parents in Florida. Lorrell Bush gave me my first baby shower at her home, and I had several family members attend, along with a couple of good friends and of course my mom. The Bush family is like our family, so we had a great time. And the food was delicious! (Food on the brain...it's lunch time.)

It was decided this week that my parents and Matt's parents were going to buy us all of the baby furniture, which is just incredibly, amazingly generous! The crib was delivered today, so Matt will be busy putting that guy together tonight. We realized after I came back from FL how behind we are in preparing for this child. There is so much left to be done. Thank goodness for a non-working summer.