06 February 2011

Noah's First Super Bowl Party

A couple of bullet points about Noah's first Super Bowl party experience:
  • He kept getting it confused with a birthday party. Anything with the word "party" in it, must be a birthday. In fact, at one point we sang, "happy birthday to football, happy birthday to football..."
  • Noah does not like it when people yell and get really excited about a good or bad play. In fact, it scared him to death. Especially Pete, who is at least 6'5 and had a cheese hat on that Noah just couldn't quite get used to.
  • He REALLY liked the half-time show. 
  • He REALLY liked the candy bar that was available at his height.
  • He was so tired by the time we left that he didn't want to leave. He was saying things like, "but I don't want to go home." "The football party is not over!"  There was no reasoning with him either. He absolutely insisted that "he didn't have fun" and "the football party was not over!"  We were like, "um buddy, if you didn't have fun why do you want to stay?" Reasoning with an exhausted 2 1/2 year old is totally pointless, of course. Poor kid crashed once we got him in bed. 

04 February 2011

Sushi with Edward

As if the day could have gotten any better, amazing friend, Shanna, pops out with this for my bday gift! Yep, that's exactly what it looks like...an Edward doll from Twilight. I got her the Shake Weight for her birthday and she got me Edward! She wins, hands down! Matt says, "Hey this is going to be a collector's item. Don't take it out of the box." This is why I love this man. He could mock or roll his eyes, but he just quietly supports (perhaps "supports" is too strong of a word), condones rather, this little pop obsession I have going! Shanna, you are hilarious. I bow down to your wit.

My afternoon continued with sweet words from friends and family. I got an awesome call from my nephews singing happy birthday, and later one from my little bro, Ben. I also got a lovely card from my bro and one from my parents that included entirely too much shopping money! But, I'm sure I won't have any trouble spending it! Oh, and last weekend, Deb and Steve gave me a beautiful butter dish and oven mitts from Anthropologie! My butter dish looks so pretty on my counter. Thank you family!

Noah gave me another sweet gift: as I was putting him down for his nap: he asked me to put my hand on his ear. He's never verbalized it like that before, although he has just moved my hand to the side of his face when I rock and sing to him before putting him in bed. I love that he loves my touch.  

I also got a pretty good nap in; which ended suddenly when this 2 1/2 year old of mine appeared naked and laughing beside my bed. WHAT? How did you get here?! Why are you naked?! I didn't really need an answer to either question, since it was obvious that he had climbed out of his crib (for the first time) and stripped because he had had an "accident." Not sure why he was laughing, other than he was just really proud of himself, and he likes to be naked. We snuggled in bed for a little while, before he requested a snack.

Soon it was time to get ready for dinner. I could have found a sitter, but decided just to keep it a family event. The Gourley's and Matt Harris and daughter, Blaire met us at Wasabi, where Shanna provided tons of laughter with the aforementioned Edward doll. She also picked up cupcakes from The Cup for dessert. Such a thoughtful friend! Noah was very interested in eating with the chop sicks, and he thoroughly enjoyed the edamame, which made me very happy! Good, relaxing time with good friends. Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Feeling Loved at Age 32

(photo credit)

I'm taking a departure from my myriad of catch-up blogs to document today, because it's only 12:30 and although I haven't left the house, it's been a wonderful day. So many special moments, I have to write them down.
As I told my BFF on the phone this morning, this was the first birthday that I've woken up NOT thinking, "hey, today is my birthday." In the past, it's been an immediate thought! I was, however, quickly reminded by my sweet boys who came into the bedroom singing "happy birthday to mommy!" I wasn't feeling great though (morning sickness), so Matt occupied Noah downstairs while I laid in bed a bit longer. Special moments #1 and #2! While lying in bed, I received the most encouraging and loving text from a good friend. Special moment #3.
When I finally made it down, I was greeted with an array of wrapped gifts. Noah "helped" me open them (meaning he completely opened each of them!). My Mr. had shopped at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, and picked out several lovely items. He did a fabulous job, but really more than what he got me, I just love the fact that he knew what store to go to. He knows what I love! This is huge! Of course he's proven this before, but it never fails to make me feel truly known. And is there really anything more special than feeling known and still loved regardless? Special moment #4. 
 Then he offered to make me breakfast, which I sadly passed on, as I was still not feeling 100%. Still, really nice though! Then my mom called, and then my dad, and then Deb, then my bestie, then several other friends...and oh my goodness; I just feel loved! Special moments #5 -#10.
Amidst the calls was some gushy love texts between me and Missy. That's one lady who treats her friends over-the-top! (I actually have a whole blog post planned for this one, so to my two readers (mom and deb), stay tuned!) She has been such a blessing to me since we were introduced. This lovely girl got me an amazing gift that came along with wonderful words of affirmation and overwhelming kindness. Special moment #11.

THEN, (yes, there's more) I received an email from my dad, that made me tear up (shocker, there, as I'm usually so stoic...yeah right.) He took a picture of a page from his Bible where I had scribbled as a toddler, and his message along with it said, "I just turned to this page in my Bible where my Punkins autographed it 30 years ago. Today, I'm much happier to have it. I love you! Dad" 
Special moment #12! Wow! This one just might take the cake.

Somewhere in between all of this, I checked my inbox to see it filled with Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday. If facebook is good for nothing else, it's making you feel cared for on your birthday.

After writing all of this I feel a little 'braggy,' which is not my intention at all. I feel humbled and grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life and I just don't want to forget any of it. Amazing family, sweet, caring friends and a husband and son who love me despite me being me! The day is only half over and there is still so much loveliness to look forward to.  What a great birthday!

02 February 2011

Christmas Tree Time!

The second Thanksgiving is over, my husband knows what must be done! In order to get maximum enjoyment  time out of our Christmas Tree, it is imperative that we get it up ASAP! Especially on years that we travel for the holiday. My love of all things Christmas has been officially passed down to Noah (with no manipulation on my part at all!), and he was so excited to get the tree, decorate it (or rather see it be decorated) and turn the lights on each day.  After we picked out the tree (from Ted Drews, where we also enjoyed a Pumpkin Pie Concrete that rocked our world,)  we went home, warmed up Apple Cider and turned on Polar Express, and I decorated!  The boys were mesmerized by the movie, and it ended up being one of those magic, sentimental nights moms like me dream about. So special. Noah was so sad to see the tree go the second week in January. I told him that it was dying and that we would get a new one next Christmas, and he just kept saying, "but it's not dying!" And even though we're a couple days into February now, he still asks about it and still requests that we sing "Jingle Bell Rock" at bedtime. My kid is a sucker for Christmas just like his mama! I couldn't be happier!

01 February 2011

Baby Number Two...Bring It On!

This little $.99 pregnancy test (from Sandra's base grocery store...thank you Sandra!) brought me so much joy!!! Matt and I had been trying since August to get pregnant again, and being the impatient person I am, I was starting to be pretty bummed about it taking so long. (I even feel bad saying "so long" when I have friends that took years to get pregnant.) I took this test on Monday morning, Decemeber 20th, but I had a huge hunch the day before that I was preggers because I woke up, was three days late, and felt oddly awful. I knew it had to be! I was sure enough to want to tell Matt's family (that we were staying with that weekend to celebrate Christmas...blog to come), but Matt insisted we wait until we were sure. I was sad to not get to tell them in person, but understood. It would have been really crappy to get them all excited, and then have to say, "whoops, sorry, I was mistaken." I could hardly wait until Monday morning to take the test, but I did! I left it on Matt's sink for him to check it out. The line seemed faint to me, but he agreed that it was positive. 

OH JOY!!! I'm so thankful for this baby coming! I had such a wonderful time (minus the aches and normal pregnancy junk) being pregnant with Noah, and I have just been really excited about going through it again.
However, (there has to be a but), this time around is not proving quite as smooth-sailing as the last. I've had morning sickness on and off since that Sunday I thought I was pregnant. Sometimes, it's paralyzing, but most of the time, it's just enough to make me feel like not doing anything. And the exhaustion has been a little disturbing as well. I was definitely really tired with Noah, but this little one is literally sucking the life out of me. Sometimes I have to lie down after putting on makeup or taking a shower. Like I just ran a marathon or something. It's kind of ridiculous. I'd love to have a girl, and it's hard not to think, "well this pregnancy is so different, it must be a girl!" But I really don't want to let my mind go there. I pray every night that the Lord would make me genuinely content and even happy if it's another boy. And I think I will be, but it doesn't mask the fact that I'd still love to have a girl. We'll find out April 6th. Seems so far away!

We were able to wait a few days to tell my parents in person over Christmas. Here's how we did it:

I actually bought this shirt when I was with Debbie and Janet at the outlet mall in Branson the weekend before. I had to be really sneaky to do it without them seeing. I wanted so badly for Noah to wear it upstairs that Sunday morning at the Starks, but alas, I was vetoed! He did get to wear it for my fam though. It took them a few seconds to catch on, but they did, and of course everyone is so happy for us!

Thank you God for this second miracle and for blessing our family with another child. We pray constantly for your guidance and direction in our lives and for the salvation of our children. Give us wisdom and faith in your plan for our lives. Thank you for this baby. Protect him/her as he/she grows.

Give Thanks 2010

Thanksgiving this year was a day filled with some traditional, some non-traditional and good times with family and friends.
The morning started off with these homemade babies:
Which were a terrible traveling-breakfast idea actually! We were meeting the Gourley's at the St. Louis Downtown Thanksgiving Day Parade (an annual tradition since last year), and Shanna was bringing the savory and me the sweet. These were quite difficult to eat standing on a sidewalk though! 
The morning was a wet and cold one, but we stuck to our plans and met on the corner as planned. The kids were bundled and Aidan was in his element, but Noah and Reese weren't the happiest campers.

Reese just wasn't feeling 100%, and Noah was afraid of some of the floats. Matt is comforting him in this one, while Daryl cracks up.
We got in some good family pics.

And then Noah decided perhaps the parade wasn't so bad after all, once candy started being handed out!

The Gourley's had to head out in order to prepare for their lunch, but we stuck around to see Santa. It started raining harder so we found an awning to stand under. Santa finally came, and we were out of there.

We got back home in time for Nana and Papa to arrive. We relaxed and did some non-traditional cooking, since we had just had the big Thanksgiving meal the weekend before down at the lake with Brian and Janet, the boys and Nana and Papa. I thought I'd try a few new sides with just a turkey breast. WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! I mean the food tasted just fine, but it just wasn't Thanksgiving! I was so disappointed at my choice to do non-traditional. Who cares if we had just had it! Thanksgiving only comes once a year!
Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the afternoon with Nana and Papa (so Deb if you have any, please send them to me!).
After a nice, low key afternoon we met up with the Gourley's again at The Chase to see Tangled. I think this may be my most favoirte picture of the entire year!
This was a 3D movie, so glasses were imperitive. Noah loves his and still wears them to this day! This picture is so perfect of our little ones and their personalities. LOVE IT!
Shanna bought the kids popcorn, and they all sat ready for the movie...which was really cute by the way! The last picture isn't the best quality, but proves that Nana and Papa were with us!

Noah ended up sitting with us most of the time, but he really liked the movie. We said our goodbyes to our Thanksgiving partners in crime, and went home for homemade peach cobbler! Yum! Another non-traditional, but this one worked.
The next day, Deb and I shopped till we dropped, while Steve traveled north to see his mom. He brought back this tractor, and Noah has talked about it since.