28 October 2008

Happy Birthday My Noah!

Today is Noah's two month birthday. It's unbelievable to me that he has been here for this long already! He is so sweet today though...right now he's happily playing in his little bouncy seat. So cute! Happy Birthday my little one!


Last Wednesday my college roommate, Brittany, visited with us. She has two young boys, Brody and Wyatt, and we had a fun time together. We spent 6 hours at the Mills Mall, which was amazing considering our kids were with us. They were fabulous. I was telling Brit that I felt like the reason Noah did so well is because I didn't try to push his limits. When I figured he needed a diaper change, we stopped to do it. When I thought he may be hungry, I fed him. When he needed to be held (which was pretty much the whole time) I held him in my sling. I'm learning here... It's not about my agenda anymore, that's for sure. And Brittany was super understanding as she has little ones as well, so it was a great laid back day at the mall. I didn't get any pics of me and Noah, but here are a couple cute ones of Brit and her boys.

After Brit left, Sarah Garrison came up for the weekend. Matt watched Noah all day on Saturday so that Sarah and I could scrapbook. It was a good break for me, but I did miss the little guy. As always, Sarah and I had a great time together, and then we ended our day with some fabulous sushi from Wasabi. On Sunday, Sarah showed me how to make beef stew out of my leftover roast, and it was delicious! I think the cabbage in it caused some serious gas in Noah, so I think I'll have to leave that out next time. Oh man, it was good though.

24 October 2008


These photos are blurry, but his smile is clear. He's so funny with his little lip tucked under. He started smiling on October 2, and I finally caught it on camera. Love my Noah :)

19 October 2008

Sleep, Sarah, Shoes, and Diapers

So that 6.5 hours I quickly mentioned in my last blog has not happened since. We have had some better nights, but they aren't consistent yet. Noah is still giving me 2 hours of sleep at a time more than anything else. I suppose we'll get there eventually.

This acid reflux is the pits. Noah is still having a tough time eating, and the spit up can be really bad. Poor little guy. His little face is the saddest, sweetest thing when he's crying. It's a different cry than when he's mad or wet or clingy. His mouth opens wide, his bottom lip curls under, and he literally makes a "waaaa" sound. He also seems to lean his face up against mine, but I could be imagining that...perhaps I'm just leaning my face against his. Either way, it is so sweet and pathetic. I can't wait until he can eat without being in pain.

Sarah visited us last weekend, and I didn't get one picture! I could shoot myself. We had a great time though, and I'm hoping Noah sensed the presence of his new BFF growing inside her belly. We watched movies and relaxed on Friday, and then spent all day Saturday shopping. During our outing, Sarah and I discovered something that is both awful and wonderful...my feet grew a whole size since my pregnancy. My 6.5 foot is now a 7.5 foot. I'm sad because my feet were one of the only small things on me, and also because I have a lot of shoes that I can't wear anymore without acquiring blisters. Sarah was quick to see the upside of this situation, which is that I have to buy all new shoes. If only my bank account could understand this problem, I'd be ecstatic.

Cloth diapers are in full swing now, and naturally so is our washer. They're working out great thus far, and they actually seem to have gotten rid of his diaper rash. Stuffing the pad inside is a bit of a pain, but that's the hardest part. I'm so glad that my mom sent us extra diapers though, because my original 12 would not have cut it. 24 is definitely the needed amount.

Enough for now...

09 October 2008

I'm a New Woman despite Acid Reflux

Debbie and Steve Stark spent last weekend with us, and we had a great time. Debbie and Steve (mainly Deb, the baby hog :) held Noah when he wasn't eating so I was able to spend some time in the kitchen cooking, which I really enjoyed. We also captured some excellent photos of Noah with his Nana and Papa down on the Arch grounds.
Who new that 6.5 hours of sleep could do so much for a person. Noah slept for 6.5 hours last night. Granted, he was in his car seat and had been screaming for two hours before he finally fell asleep, but those two hours were so worth the 6.5 hours of sleep. I feel like a new woman! Did I mention that I slept for 6.5 hours last night? If only this were the beginning of a beautiful pattern, but I'm afraid he's fighting sleep as I write. It's his daddy's turn however; therefore, I'm catching up on the blog.

The doc diagnosed Noah with acid reflux this week. He prescribed some meds for him, and I've been advised to keep him upright for 20-30 minutes after he eats. This is hardest in the middle of the night, but it definitely seems to help him not spit up so much. Nights seems to be the most difficult for him. I hate it that it hurts him to eat. It's like around 7pm he gets hungry, I begin to feed him, and then he pulls off because of the reflux. I then soothe him, he begins to root again, so I put him back on, and the same thing happens all over. I know he's hungry, but it's as if it hurts him to eat. I know that this reflux is common, so does anyone have any advice?

This weekend Sarah is coming, and Noah can't wait to meet her! His future BFF waits and grows patiently in her belly.

02 October 2008

My Sweetie

Breast Pumps and the Zoo

Noah and I went to the St. Louis Zoo for the first time on Wednesday. We met up with the mom's group from church, and I felt like it was really nice to get out and walk around. Noah slept pretty much the whole time, but I know that one day he will go crazy at the thought of hitting up the zoo.

It seems that Noah's schedule has once again changed. His eating schedule has spread out a bit, which is fantastic, as every hour and a half was pretty tiring, but now I need to pump pump pump...my first experience with a little engorgement! I think we are going to buy a new pump, and I've been told that I can get a Medela for a great price at Worldwide Surgeon??? Is that right? I need to ask the person who gave me the tip. I'm not sure I have the name right. Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting a pump at a good price?

We have a busy month ahead of us. Lots of visitors coming to the Lou, and we are so thrilled that Noah will get to hang out with our loved ones!