24 February 2010

Preach It Brother

Noah can say Bible now...and he likes saying it. A lot.
This is the cutest thing ever...check it out!

23 February 2010

Thank You

At dinner last night, Matt handed Noah a tortilla chip with salsa, and Noah, completely UNPROMPTED, said "thank you." Just like that. Just like he'd been saying it for years. Matt and I both laughed out of disbelief and pride, and then I cried.

(photo credit: here)

15 February 2010

A Shanna-Style Valentine Party

Last Tuesday we went to our downtown mom's playgroup for a special Valentine's Day party at Shanna's. Shanna is a party planner at heart, and she threw a beautifully detailed party for all of us. The kids had heart-shaped pb&j's while the mom's enjoyed curried chicken salad croissants. And for dessert, cake pops and sugar cookies. YUM! The kids played with a myriad of toys and Shanna also had lots of markers, stickers and embellishments for the kids to make Valentine cards. We were all exhausted after wards (especially Shanna who laid on the floor and was barely able to get up), and so we went home for naps all around.

lunch with friends
making a valentine's day card for the grandparents
noah was playing with aidan's tool set which included some work goggles.
angelic reese!
a delicious table scape
mmmmmm...sugar cookies
sugar + friends + toys = hyper
future spouses in a stand off

Valentine Photos

Last Saturday, I called up our friends, Brett and Kel and asked if I could use their stoop for my unprofessional photo shoot with Noah. They graciously said of course, and so on a 20 degree day, Noah and I headed to Soulard for some Valentine pictures in front of our friend's amazing old wooded doors. Considering I was using my stinky camera, I think they came out pretty cute! After about five minutes without his coat, Noah began to get pretty chilly, so I wrapped him up and we headed back to the car. He was a good sport though; and probably because I gave him free reign of climbing the stairs. That always has the power to put him good spirits!

05 February 2010

My Birthday...

...was lovely! I woke up and walked downstairs to find this on the table. Notice, it's from Noah! Noah picked me out a beautiful shirt from one of my favorite stores, Banana Republic, and Matt wrote a very sweet and thoughtful note inside a pretty card. Matt took his time getting to work, so we were able to eat breakfast as a family. Next on the agenda was lunch with Shanna. We had the kids with us of course, and we met at one of our usual, but favorite spots, McAlister's Deli. Shanna walked in with three balloons, a gift and cake pops for each of us! Overboard, as is par for the course with her. She also bought my lunch! Too much, but I appreciated every bit of it. Each of the kids got to hold a balloon and let it go after lunch. Noah didn't so much want to say goodbye to his, but with a little prying, it floated away to injure our environment! Shanna encourages me that our sanity is very much worth the price of a piece of rubber on the ground somewhere. After lunch, we shopped a bit and then parted ways for afternoon naps that our kids were clearly in need of.
For the evening festivities we headed to Kobe, a Japanese Steak House we hadn't tried yet. We were excited to take Noah, and thought he would love all of the entertainment. It almost seemed like sensory overload for him. He couldn't figure out where to look...there were chefs throwing eggs or lighting things on fire every which way. He was actually a little more stunned by it all than anything, but it was a fun time with my family.

I'm so blessed to have amazing friends and family who showed me they cared with phone calls, emails, gifts and cards.
This year my loot includes:
JOHN MAYER concert tickets from my hubby (I can't wait!!!)
Banana shirt from Noah
Money from my parents
Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens from Brian, Janet and the boys
Amazon gift card from my brother and Marsa`
Twilight DVD from Shanna
New Moon DVD from Sarah
Year 31, here we come!

04 February 2010

Pre-Bed Memories

This morning I decided to put Noah down for a morning nap since he had such a late night last night (CG went long), so I went through the regular routine...change his diaper, rock, read books, sing, give milk. A lot of times though before bed, he and I end up in a conversation. Obviously, not a verbal one, but thoughts and emotions are exchanged clear as day. This morning was a particularly sweet conversation. He kept touching my face, pointing at my nose, pulling my ears. He also butt his forehead against mine, and then rubbed his nose against mine. He started to laugh, which made me laugh, and we giggled there together for several minutes on end. He continued to press different parts of his face against mine...his cheeks against my cheeks and my lips and my nose. And throughout this time, we exchanged tons of little kisses. This happens often and is by miles one of my favorite parts of having him. He is so sweet and loving (when he isn't intent on being mr. independent!).
When he was an infant, we did a lot of skin to skin, and I wonder if that is part of what formed his love of pressing his face against mine. Especially during these cold winter months, our faces are one of the only body parts exposed, and it seems that it draws him. I don't know, but I do hope it lasts for a long time to come. I treasure those moments.

03 February 2010

Noah Update In Pictures

First of all, the length of this post is a little ridiculous, but I had to get caught up. It is mostly pictures, if that helps!
Sorry to put the non-happy picture first, but this was hilarious. Noah scooted himself as far down in his chair as the straps would let him, while he had his feet on the table. He was stuck. I couldn't help but leave him in his misery while I snapped a few pictures. It's what he gets for putting his feet on the table after hundreds of warnings not to!

And on to happier moments...Noah and I were playing in the living room the other day and he was in such a sweet mood. I received a musical birthday card from my Aunt Julie and Uncle Dudley, and Noah couldn't get enough of it. He danced all over for a very long time. I think the batteries on the card are finally dying! He wore it out.

I don't really remember the problem here, I just think his cry face is hilariously adorable


still dancing...
more dancing...

Matt is taking a part our white table because we just really don't have a good place for it. Of course Noah wanted to help.

Why buy toys when boxes exist?

Nana and Papa with Noah. They were returning him to us after our Breckenridge get-away. They were sad to see him go, but we were happy to get him back!

Noah is using all his strength to push Yuri...notice the tongue.

Loves wearing daddy's hats.

New shades from Breckenridge...his only souvenir!

He can now open doors. This is really annoying, especially when mom or dad are trying to go to the bathroom.

Enjoying pancakes on one Saturday morning.

Dancing with mommy at Smokies BBQ.

Noah has discovered corn-on-the-cob and is in love.

Noah and the Bean Stalk
(at the Magic House)

President Noah residing.

Noah Update In Words

Noah Can Say:
-hewhoa (hello)
-bahye (bye)
-ticka-ticka-ticka (tickle)
-ma (milk/more/mama)

Noah Likes:
-knocking down blocks
-watching people
-getting thrown around by mom and dad
-chasing Teagan
-throwing Teagan's ball
-playing peek-a-boo (with anything)
-eating anything sweet (how did this happen??)
-having his afternoon snack (goldfish) while sitting with me in our comfy living room chair (this is the only time Noah is allowed to eat in the living room and it is ONLY when he is in my lap!)
-reading books
-wrapping anything long and bendy around his shoulders...cord to my hair dryer, curling iron, -flat iron, tooth brush charger, ribbons, a costume pearl necklace, scarves...(no worries...I only let him do this when I'm in the room, and he doesn't wrap things around his neck. just his shoulders, like he's wearing it. funny.)
-riding on his Lightening McQueen car
-taking baths
-playing in the pool
-running water, from a faucet, or water fountains in the pool, or even if we fill a cup and dump in out. he runs his hands under it and sometimes tries to drink it.
-throwing anything and everything on the floor...this is driving me crazy!!!!
-playing on playgrounds
-turning steering wheels
-kissing and holding hands with Reese and Yuri

Noah Can:
-climb stairs (and everything else)
-feed himself pretty well with spoon or fork (he likes big people silverware)
-(is beginning) to sing the abc's
-blow kisses
-give real kisses
-fake smile (i call this his cheeser)
-say "uh-huh" when I ask him a question
-sign finished and more
-can retrieve his shoes when asked
-understand a lot of things I say. For example, he understands what I'm asking when I say, "Are you hungry?" "Do you want to get a bath?" "Are you ready to go upstairs/downstairs?" "Where's Teagan?"

Mommy and Noah Outings:
-Mall playgrounds (during winter)
-Pool (indoor at Richmond Heights Community Center)
-Magic House
-Science Center
-Book Store
-Grocery Store
-Hobby Lobby
-Shanna's House
-downtown mom's group (Jenn or Erin's house)
-journey mom's group (various locations)
-(we will be trying out the zoomagination room at the Zoo next week)

I'm sure there are a hundred more things I could add to this (and very may well as I think of them) but I've exhausted my memory for now. This is why I need to blog more!