21 August 2009

Nashville or Bust

Last weekend, we took off on a road trip to visit our good friends Marcus and Katie and their beautiful little girl, Sadie. It was a short trip, but we always have such a fun time with them.

Some highlights included:

-matt and I being in awe of marcus' wireless abilities between his iphone and his tv.
-being able to stay at their beautiful new old house
-katie's AMAZING peach cobbler
-eating one of the best sandwiches of my life at Mitchell Delicatessen
-being convinced by marcus to watch the movie hard candy (which is not a porno, despite the title), and then making marcus watch twilight. just returning the favor :) (and katie liked it by the way!)
-touring two of their friends gorgeous old bungalows
-finally getting to meet sadie...she has these eyes and cheeks that make you fall in love instantly and she has the sweetest personality
-catching up on new music late at night
-and lastly, one of my favorites...putting noah and sadie in the bath together, which will be superbly inappropriate in a few years; but for now, it's just about the cutest thing imaginable.

In addition, Noah found a new toy that he LOVES. This will be one of his birthday gifts!


Grams and Pops house is so fun because...
they let me play with pool equipment (but they won't let me eat it, which I wanted to),
they let me chill in their lounge chair,

Grams lets me play in the sink,

they let me sit in a big chair (strapped in of course with one of Grams belts),
they take me outside whenever I want to go,
and Pops lets me play with his tools and crawl around the garage.
Do they spoil me...um, yes.
Do I love it...um, yes.
Does mommy mind...not a bit.

12 August 2009

Beach Time 2

I will never forget the fun evening we spent at the beach last weekend with grams and pops. Noah had some intense bonding time with his pops this trip, and it was such a treat for me to get to see them together. Mom (grams) and I got some great pictures of the two of them. We actually went to the beach twice. Once just to walk, and the second to play. Noah did pretty well. He ate sand a couple times, attempted to munch on a shell, got splashed with salt water, slapped water in a hole that pops dug, crawled around, rubbed sand all over his face, and went into the waves with me and pops. He didn't cry when he got water in his eyes or when he ate sand. Just when we tried to help him! Great times! We missed Matt, but really enjoyed experiencing this with grams and pops. I can't wait to take him back.

"Goodbye beach. We'll see you next summer. Love, Noah"

11 August 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Noah and I safely arrived back in St. Louis late this morning from our 2 week stint at my parents (grams and pops) in Florida. We had a wonderfully relaxing time with them, and I have pictures to post (once they're uploaded) and stories to tell (first time playing on the beach)!

We began to miss them the moment we said goodbye, but we'll see them in a couple weeks for Noah's birthday. Thanks to mom and dad for spending so much quality time with us and for loving my little Noah like mad.

More to come...

06 August 2009

Can't Believe It

Guess who's going to be one soon?