29 May 2009

Another Trip to the Airport

I just got home from dropping mom at the airport. Long distance grandparenting is for the birds; and before I go any further, I must warn any readers that I'm in a total state of self-pity right now.
I've missed my parents since they've lived in Florida, but having Noah adds a whole new dimension of sadness when we have to leave each other. I've always wanted my children to grow up around my mom and dad, and it's a heart-breaking realization that it will probably not happen. Although this is cliche and whiny, life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. I miss my parents.
Anyone else deal with long distance parents/grandparents? How do you keep your kids close to them?

27 May 2009

Noah and Those Other People He Lives With

Apparently, Matt and I are of absolutely no import to my mother. Only Noah. He is the only one who matters. Case and point...she would never sit in the front seat with me. Always in the back with Noah. What's up with that mom?!
Look-I have proof.
Check out the matching outfits. (OK, this one was my cheesy idea.)

Goob face!
This crawling thing is keeping me busy. If some other kid came over to our house, got into my magazines and ripped them up, I would have been furious! However, when my sweet little Noah, who of course means no harm does it, I play it cool. I calmly remove the ripped page from his hand that is quickly making it's way to his mouth and try to distract him with something else. Easier said than done however, and a bit of a power struggle ensues. This is just one example of his recent busyness. He is into EVERYTHING. Nothing is out of bounds. Take special note of the myriad of cords in this picture that I have yet to address. I'm a bad mom. Any ideas on how to hide cords people?

26 May 2009

Illegal Roses

Matt is a good, good husband, and in his goodness he walked in the door one night with a handful of pretty pink roses. He had already been home and was returning from taking Teagan out, so I inquisitively asked him where he found these beautiful flowers. "The flower beds on the street" he calmly replied, and with that he went about his business as if his brain had made no connection between his gift and his illegal acquirement of said gift. Regardless of how they came to be on my table, I love them.


I once again subjected my innocent child to my manic tendencies to photograph him constantly. (Boy, that was a mouthful. Sorry.) Last week, we met Erica (http://www.ericarankin.com/) out at her "Spring Photo Session" at Faust Park, and she captured one of Noah's newest milestones...crawling. His little personality doubles in size daily, and his facial expressions are a reflection of the character and charisma he seems to have. I seriously laugh at him all the time. I'm gonna need help when I have to discipline this boy. My sister-in-law, Marsa`, called him a goober today, and I think that's exactly what he is. My little goob. Love it!

13 May 2009


Apparently when a child starts to crawl, he can find himself in places he didn't mean to go. Check him out. The crawling started on Mother's Day...what a sweet and ...um, busy gift it is.

11 May 2009

Staying with Sarah and Mother's Day Weekend

Last week I packed the house and moved in with Sarah for 5 days. Well, not the entire house, but those of you with little ones know that it feels like you are taking everything you own when you travel. As you may remember from a previous blog, my bff, Sarah, had her little girl, Lula, three weeks prior, and last Monday Sarah's hubby had to return to work. That's where I came in. Noah and I helped Sarah with around-the-house chores, we ran a couple of errands, and we changed a few diapers; however, not as many as I expected to (perhaps I should have taken more initiative in that area!). Noah decided to start teething, walking (while holding my hands), and rocking back and forth on his hands and knees while we were there; all of which excited him beyond measure, so he wasn't quite the angel I was banking on him being. Sarah was lovely and patient with him though, although a fussy 8 month old doesn't exactly lend the peace a recovering new mother needs. Regardless, it was a good week, and I'm glad I was able to spend time with Sarah and Lula.

On Friday, I packed back up and headed down to Kimberling City to spend the weekend with the Stark's. Friday night, I hung out with Sarah G. and Janet. Sarah was sweet enough to treat Janet and I to dinner as late birthday gifts. Saturday night Brian, Janet and the boys came down and Brian and Matt cooked all of us moms a super nice dinner. I wasn't quick enough with my camera though, so I don't have any shots of dinner and only this one picture of the crepes Brian made for dessert. Matt was sweet enough to get me flowers and a massage! He also made a card from Noah with his little hand print on it. So cute! I also received a mom's day card from my mom with a Macy's gift card included, and my little brother sent me a sweet card as well. It's great being a mama, and it felt lovely to be thought of and appreciated.
Parker and Noah

Noah having breakfast with Nana.

This picture cracks me up...Noah looks so goofy!

Flowers from my sweet man!
Flowers from Parker and Tyler!

Chocolate Hazelnut Crepes that Brian made!