09 March 2012

Noah Quotes

Noah Quotes:

You let me be.
Pops told me I'm the boss!
Pirates don't ever ever clean up toys.
What's a boy to do?

(Noah jacked my phone and took pictures of himself. I saved these few. Such a nut!)

06 March 2012

In the last few weeks...

3 March 2012

In the last few weeks:
  • Nana traveled to St. Louis by herself for the first time to watch Noah and London so Matt and I could bum around town all day (for my 33rd bday).
  • I experienced flying with both kids by myself.
  • We visited Grams and Pops house.
  • Noah had major strides in swimming (dove down to pick up Pops keys from the bottom of the pool (with a push from me!).
  • London got to meet her Uncle Ben.
  • Uncle Ben helped Noah jump waves in the ocean.
  • Noah met his second cousins, Tyson and Troy.
  • Noah found a palm frond on one of our walks, and pretended it was a boat. He dragged it a mile home so he could play with it, and he played with it for DAYS! 
  • I am absolutely in love with Noah's imagination. Currently his favorite make-believe characters to pretend he is, are: "Fido the baby puppy" "Eliot the Pirate Who Doesn't Do Anything" "Astronaut" "Buzzlightyear" "Woody" "Firefighter"
  • We've all been sick...especially Grams.
  • London had her Dermoid Cyst removed, and she handled it like a champ! She was so smiley and pleasant up until she had to be wheeled back for the surgery. And even then she only cried for a second. I probably cried longer! Ha. She has been recovering beautifully.
  • London turned 6 months old.
  • She can roll over both ways now.
  • She's an expert at grabbing her paci and stuffing it in her mouth. She also likes chewing on her toys (especially her little birdies.)
  • She is still the most smiley little one, and when she gets tickled she can't stop laughing. It kills me every time!
  • Grams bought Noah Chutes and Ladders and they played it together.
  • London loves books. She focuses all of her attention if you open a book in front of her, and she grabs at them viciously.
Pre-surgery.  And London's hand and arm with the IV right after surgery.
29 February 2012

Noah loves London so much. It's the sweetest thing.

 The palm frond "boat."

 Uncle Ben was flying through town and got to stay a night. He and Noah slept beside each other on Grams and Pops bedroom floor.

 The pirate who doesn't do anything needed a little rest on Grams.

 Noah and cousin Troy playing with the boat.

 London was a little sick our first week in FL, so Pops was getting some cuddle time in.

 Noah wanted to wear one of Pops tshirts to bed, and he needed a belt for his sword. We ended up with a Luke Skywalker effect.

 Eating strawberries on the counter one morning at Grams and Pops.

 GG came to stay for a few days. She loved both kiddos, and they loved her.