08 February 2009

Christmas (Finally!)

So my good friend Sarah G. berated me at lunch today for not having updated my blog in a LONG time. I'm sorry! Facebook, the crack cocaine that it is, sucked me in, and the little time I have online I've been spending away from blogspot. I will try to curb this habit and divide my time equally! And before you read any further, let me warn you that the pictures below are EXTREMELY out of order. I'm tired of trying to maneuver
them to no avail.
Over Christmas, Matt, Noah and I went to West Palm to spend the holidays with my family. It was a well needed rest for Matt, and we all had a super relaxing time just hanging out in the warm weather. The day we flew out of St. Louis. it was 4 degrees! Upon arrival in Fort Lauderdale, it was 75 degrees. What a welcomed relief! Our skin was instantly re-hydrated! Seriously.
Ben and Marsa` weren't scheduled to arrive until Christmas Eve, but surprised us all when they showed up a day early. I won't ever forget the look my bro gave me as he held Noah for the first time. It was heartwarming to me. He and Marsa` were great with Noah, but I think all of the work Noah requires solidified their commitment to waiting several more years before beginning a family of their own. In the meantime, they'll just be a fantastic aunt and uncle. We captured some great moments of them with Noah.
One of the best parts of the trip for me was getting to see my dad spend an extended period of time with Noah. Of course I love that my mom was able to do the same, but she has had much more time with him to date than my dad. Dad (Pops) was here when Noah first arrived, but hadn't been able to see him since. Anyway, it was tremendous. He sang him oldies, played in the yard with Noah, they sat by the pool together, they took many a stroll around the patio and driveway, Dad made him a vintage model airplane, and he also had quite the time making all kinds of faces and sounds at Noah. I wish so badly that Noah could have the pleasure of growing up around my parents.
My mom was just as wonderful as she was when she was here. She would come into our room every morning to get Noah so that we could get more sleep. She would talk to him while she was eating breakfast and carry him around while she diddled around the house. She often took him outside to enjoy the warmth. They would just sit and bounce in a chair outside by the pool. Noah also seemed to get real chatty with mom. She would take him into the living room, prop him up and engage in conversation. He would babble right back as if he could understand her perfectly. His little babble is the cutest stinkin' thing in the world. I tell you, if there has ever been a grandma-of-the-year award, it should definitely go to my mom. She's done so much for us, and Noah couldn't love her more.
OK, well, enough of the writing. Here are some of the pictures from our getaway. Again, they are hilariously out of order.

a picture I took at our place before Christmas
Noah's first trip to the beach. Aunt Marsa` is wearing him in the Bjorn because his Uncle Ben refused. That's right people...Uncle Ben refused. He will not live this down for a long time. I was quite upset. Marsa` does look awfully cute with him though!

They are gonna make some cute parents one day!

This is on New Year's Day at Nate and Vanessa's house. Matt flew back to MO just a few hours after this picture was taken.

Notice Mom holding up the "Noah's Ark" blanket.

Noah, in the Duke jersey Ben and Marsa` gave him for Christmas, watching the Duke game.

A sweet moment between father and son...Matt was spending as much time holding Noah as he could before he flew out that day.

Corban and Noah were so cute in front of the tree. Corban was quite the little ham, while Noah just stared at his hands!

The Bush boys with Noah, Holly and Lorrell

See? Noah really is rooting for Duke!

Mom and Dad decided to incorporate some of Marsa` and Matt's family traditions into our Christmas so they would feel more at home. One of the "traditions" they recreated was the luminary lighting around the bay that Marsa` does with her fam each Christmas Eve. Rather than lining the bay (which is all the way over in Tarpon), they made luminaries with various family members' names on them and lined the pool. It was actually quite beautiful, and I now look forward to doing this every year we spend Christmas with my family.

Noah chilling with Uncle Ben

More Duke!! Mom treated all of us kids to breakfast. We were going to go to John G.'s on the ocean, but the line was around the building so we switched locations. We still had a good breakfast; but not much can compare to the delicious almond crusted french toast at JG's. Oh well, next time! Noah looked like a little baller with his hat and jersey.

We took a walk on the River Trail one day. Ben and Marsa` rode these fantastic beach bikes that mom and dad have and the rest of us hoofed it. It was lovely!

She's too cute!

Family picture! This was taken the day that my extended family came over. We didn't plan the brown.

This is Noah's 2nd cousin, Savannah. He's looking at her like she's insane for sitting next to him.

Now he's looking at her like she might lose that hand should she not remove it.

Love this!

See? Aren't the luminaries so pretty? We had dinner together out on the patio on this particular night. Some of us are still around the table.

I LOVE this picture. Noah actually looks like he's trying to open the gift. And Daddy Matt just loves his little boy.

This is at the end of the gift opening on Christmas morning. Opening presents is a lot of work for such a little guy! You must not ignore the drop waist backside on Noah's pj's!

Just playing around

Aunt Diana holding Noah while he naps...she just loves him!

Mom with her parents and her brothers and sisters (minus Kevin).

Noah and Grams hanging out by the pool. Noah: "Look mom, no coat!"

Noah must be thinking, "wait...is this what fresh air feels like?"

"I'm bored people; let's get this show on the road."

"Finally! My first present!"

Daddy and Noah

Mommy and Noah on the way to Florida. This is Noah's first plane ride. The blue and brown strip you can see in this picture is a nursing wrap. That's right, I tried to nurse Noah on the plane...this did not go well, and I did not attempt to repeat on the way home!

Daddy and Noah on the plane. I was so happy Matt and I were experiencing traveling with Noah for the first time together! I would have been a mess without him.