26 December 2012

One, Two, Three...

One: Noah
Two: London
Three: ______

November 9 (Not only is this Sarah's bday, but the day I found out about number 3!)

Yep! It's happening! I was so happy that I burst into happy sobs as soon as I saw that sweet little blue line appear in the correct window on my pregnancy test this morning.

We've been trying since June, and it was starting to feel like things were taking a little too long.  I've had many talks with God about this the last few months, and was starting to feel that giving us another baby right now just wasn't his plan. And I was starting to be OK with that. Most days anyway. I don't think I really expected the test to be positive. I'm so so glad it was!

I'm so thrilled already, and I already feel like our family will be more full with this new one. Even though I'm only like 4 weeks or something scarily early right now, I already can't wait to meet him or her. Can I just skip ahead to the birth?

I held out all day without telling Matt. After he finished getting Noah in bed, he came downstairs and checked his phone. Knowing his phone was downstairs and not up with him, I had texted him earlier, "Guess what?" It took him a minute (as he is a slow processor), but the cheesy smile on my face gave it away. He said, "are you pregnant?" And he was instantly happy! We hugged and kissed, and then started talking about the price of private school! Ha! I love how excited he is.

December 26

We've finally told everyone about the new baby, so I feel free to update and post my thoughts.

I'm 11 weeks now, and although still super happy about adding to our family, I'm really hoping that these winter and spring months fly by. Pregnancy is hard, and I'm just ready for him/her to be here. I have 28 more weeks though and that feels like forever!

I am however wanting to enjoy this time, since I know it's my last few months with just Noah and London, and also since it's (unless God deems it otherwise) our last pregnancy.

Gratefully, I've not been too sick at all. Very tired, but not too sick...just a car-sick nausea sometimes. This pregnancy is reminding me more of my pregnancy with Noah than London, so I have a hunch it's a boy. We'll be happy either way though! I love the idea of London being sandwiched between two brothers, but I also like the idea of her having a sister so close in age.

Matt doesn't want to find out the gender, but I'm not sure I'm capable of being that patient. And I'm not really big on surprises.  So, we're still in discussions about this!

We're praying for healthy development of course, and that he/she would love God with passion. Come quickly baby.

Official due date: July 16
Cesarean date: July 8, 9, or 10