12 November 2012

Poms for Fall

I don't think I've ever decorated for Thanksgiving. I've never really felt in tune with the colors the season invokes...oranges and browns. But, I was faced with the challenge of decorating for a holiday brunch at church, and I had to figure out how to bring together Thanksgiving and Christmas. In my mind, two completely different vibes!  With the help of friend Laura, we teamed up berry bushes with pine cones and gourds, and I threw in some warm colored poms, and overall we were happy with the outcome. Happy enough to echo it at home anyway!  

I'm pretty crazy about pom garlands, so I added some of the deep red and vintage-orange colored poms to my existing grey pom garland, and I like the way it turned out. It feels very warm and fall-ish. 
Added a few of the mason jars filled with berry bushes and an apothecary jar loaded with gourds, berries and poms to our entry table.

I finally filled my $1 grey baskets with something....poms!
Stacked a cake plate with gourds and poms.
Nothing ground breaking here, but it's definitely the most I've ever done for the fall season! I so love decorating for Christmas, so it's nice to have something simple and warm to add for Thanksgiving.