14 October 2009

Bonding with My Boy

Noah and I have reached a new level of bonding recently.

Last week we were at a book party, and he was surrounded by several other children. In the midst of the chaotic crowd, he would single me out, and come to me wanting to sit in my lap. Even though I take care of this little stinker all day, it made me feel like I was the chosen one! He came to me! And just the other day, we were at Shanna's, and he did the same thing. He has also been coming up to me a lot more at home, not whining about anything, but just wanting to sit with me or be held for a moment. This morning he came to me several times, gave me kisses, and then wanted back down to play.

We've also been playing a version of hide and go seek. I'll run away from him, and then throw myself down behind the bed or the refrigerator, and he'll race after me and find me. I jump out at him, and then he giggles and runs away. Noah also really likes music. He doesn't go crazy with the dancing, but he bends his legs and bounces up and down. It's the cutest.

Shanna told me that there is such an intimate bond between a son and his mother, and I'm really beginning to feel it. I am loving having a little man.

On a totally unrelated note, he ate from this special plate this morning. It was the first time he's eaten an entire meal off of a plate without the plate eventually ending up on the floor. Love this plate! There are no rims for little hands to grab and hurl off the high chair!

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