06 July 2008

32 Weeks Today

This last week has been filled with revamping our loft for this new addition. It's been easier than actually moving, but it's been a hassle no less. More of a hassle for Matt, as he tries to juggle the agency, put together baby furniture, find storage for all our stuff that won't fit in the loft, and generally do all of the tasks that I'm not "supposed" to do. AKA, move furniture, climb on ladders, carry heavy boxes...etc... So really, the pressure has been on him; but I've gotta say, he's been a trooper. As I write, he's building towel storage for our bathroom and valances for our "curtain closets." Sure am glad I married a handy guy. (Above, Matt is constructing the dresser/changing table, and the picture below is of the towel rack he built.)

A couple of physical changes have taken place this week. I feel like the baby dropped a little. I don't know that anyone else would notice, but I think my belly area is actually a good couple of inches lower. I don't think it's my imagination, but I'll ask the doctor at my appointment this week. In addition to the dropping, I feel like my belly has also become hard. It just constantly seems really tight. And bigger. (normal though I suppose.) Sleeping comfortably is also a thing of the past (sniff, sniff). I hear this continues throughout the first year; the sleeplessness that is. Fantastic.

Our good friends, Sarah and Aaron Garrison stayed with us for a couple of nights this week. They actually got us the most amazing seats at the Cards vs. Cubs game on the 4th of July. We were 6 rows behind the Cards dugout, right on the first baseline. The seats were cushioned and the weather was perfect for a big 'ole pregnant woman. It was a great night. Sarah took some pictures, so I'll post those when I get them. It was actually the baby's second baseball game, but this time he was developed enough to hear it. I think I was early in the second trimester during his "first" game.

Earlier this week, my friend Shanna gave me a ton of baby stuff! A bouncy seat, a really cute swing, a Baby Einstein floor activity mat, clothes, diapers, bibs...the list goes on. I couldn't believe how much she just handed over to us! Just in general, friends and family have been so generous in helping us build our "baby stuff" collection. My sister-in-law Janet has also given us quite a bit of baby goods...a breast pump (which brand new is like $200!), the whole Avent feeding system, tons of clothes, and she says she has a lot more for me to look through on my next trip down to Springfield. And as I mentioned in my last post, our parents have purchased all of the baby furniture. I don't know how we would do this without so much help! It's such a blessing to have so many supportive, loving people surrounding us during this transition.

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Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

I keep forgetting to say something, but I just love that towel rack!!! Good job, Matt! It looks amazing and very chic. Love it!