14 July 2008

Closets and Diapers

We had our last scheduled ultrasound on Wednesday. The 3D picture is so cool. I can put a face to my little guy now. Matt thinks he looks like me, but I don't really think we can tell yet.

Matt also finished our closet projects this week. We and our guests can't see all of our crap anymore, which is great! We managed to fit the baby furniture and our guest bed in our second bedroom. Also this week, I bought the bumGenius reusable diapers. Matt and I decided to use them for several reasons. First of all, they pay for themselves within the first 3 months of the baby's life, and we'll be able to use them for any other children we have. Also, in the effort of being a little "greener," reusables are tons better for the environment. Plus, I'm staying home, so I'll be capable of doing a load of laundry a day. We'll see how it goes. I'll be sure to report.

This Saturday is the baby shower that Sarah, Janet and Debbie are throwing for me. Friends from St. Louis, Springfield, and college are coming. I'm really excited about seeing friends I don't get to spend much time with, but as odd as it sounds, I'm a little nervous too. I'm quirkily (my own word) bad at being the center of attention, so I hope everyone mingles well. I learned this at my first shower in Florida. Nonetheless, the shower is going to be fabulous no doubt, and I can't wait to write about it next week.


Marisa Eash said...

I hope you find using cloth as easy as we have. We will definitely have to keep up for trouble shooting and tips! Good luck with your little guy.

Gina said...

Wow, Evie- your place looks great! I miss you guys and am so sad I couldn't make it for the shower. We just got back into to town yesterday from our trip and I knew It'd be a stretch to make it. Anyway, we'd love to have you guys over before baby Stark comes so we can catch up (and talk "baby" =)). Oh- we just bought the BumGenius diapers yesterday and are really excited about all the perks as well. Glad to have another cloth diaper cohort. Can't wait to chat soon!!!


Kerry said...

EVIE!!! I just got your email with your new blog! I'm so excited to keep up with you this way. We have a blog for Brennan...it is brennandrummond.blogspot.com. I need to update it, but there are some cute pics on there. I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy!

Sandidge19 said...

I love your new "closet"! It turned out really nice. I can't quite tell what kind of fabric/curtains you used, but it looks really professional. Your bed also looks lovely!