01 November 2008

Little Pumpkin

We enjoyed a low key Halloween night at Steve and Andrea's house. We sat around their fire pit, chatted and munched on candy. Not good for my diet, but that's beside the point. Noah didn't dress up, save this cute little pumpkin onsie. I don't have much to report, but wanted to post my new pics!

Congrats to Rodney and Gina for their new little Eva. She is precious, and we are so glad she's healthy.


Jillian said...

So I finally found how to comment on this thing. I'm so blog illiterate. Noah is soooo cute. Isn't fun to dress them? I think that's why I have kids, to dress them up. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if I had a girl! I want to see him and see you and see where you live!

Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

Low key sounds lovely! And I'm craving a fire pit...can you crave fire pits? And of course, Noah is adorable! I just love his little serious face!

The Edgren Family said...

You look beautiful, Evie! You don't even look like you had a baby, and you look like a natural!