17 November 2008

What a Week

We've had company since last Friday. I really enjoy having people stay with us, and Matt's pretty cool with it too. We just wish we had a bigger place. It started with Matt's family last weekend. They were in for his birthday as I reported in the last blog. The family left on Sunday, we took Monday to rest and clean up, and then my mom arrived on Tuesday. Mom stayed until Saturday, and then Sarah G. arrived and stayed through Sunday.

We were so happy that mom decided to come again before Christmas. We originally weren't planning to see her again until we went to Florida, but she said she couldn't wait that long. I have always wanted my children to grow up around my parents (which at this point just isn't possible), so it's really fantastic that she's in a place where she can visit often. I got some great pictures of she and Noah together that I have yet to upload, but I'll post them as soon as I do. One of the moments I was most looking forward to was when Noah showed Grams his newly developed smile. She melted just like I knew she would, and she spent the rest of her time talking and playing with him so she could see more of those precious smiles. He would just stare and smile at her and open his mouth like he was trying to say something, but no noise would come out. So cute! We didn't do too much...a couple of trips to the store and on Friday we went to the zoo. It was just nice to hang out. Mom bought Noah a super cute Christmas outfit, and also brought him a book entitled, Just Grandma and Me. She kept trying to read it to Noah, but he wouldn't let her get through it. He's going to be a reader, whether he likes it or not though!

Mom offered to stay with Noah while Matt and I had our first date since the little guy came into the world. We went to The Cheesecake Factory, and then to a couple of stores in the mall. It was great to hold a conversation with Matt in a public place without worrying about Noah. Mom took us out to eat her last night here. Noah wasn't too happy that evening though. I tried to feed him, Matt tried to bounce with him, but he didn't calm down until he sat in Gram's lap...and boy did Grams eat that up! We miss her already.

Saturday Sarah stayed with us. She was in town for a conference, and that afternoon Matt watched Noah while Sarah and I scrapbooked into the night. Sarah and I had a couple of observations about each other. I realized that she has the gift of generosity, and she noticed that I say delicious a lot. (Random bits of info, I know.) Anyway, we always have fun together, and hanging out with her was a nice little getaway from my mommy responsibilities.

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