07 January 2009

Photo Shoot

Mid-December, our wonderful photographer friend, Erica Rankin (www.ericarankin.com), took Noah's first professional pictures. She did an amazing job, and below are some of our favorites. I've waited so long to post them because we wanted them to be a surprise for our families for Christmas. Why I've waited so long past Christmas to share...is pretty much just because I'm a slacker. Enjoy! (I can't get them any larger for some reason.)


Eli said...

Agreed! Erica did a great job on your family photos! What a great looking family!!!

Gina said...

These are beautiful. Let us know when we can come by to take advantage of that 'loft light.' Hope your holidays were good.

Tara Dembowczyk said...

oh my goodness...look at you guys!! what an incredibly handsome son you have!!congratulations! i'm so glad i found you again

(do you remember Brian and me from Tampa?)