19 December 2008


Before Noah I would see a baby doing "normal" things such as holding a toy, rolling around on the floor, smiling, laughing, sucking his toes, looking at his parents...and I never thought twice about it. But now with a new-parent perspective, I see how these simple accomplishments are just incredible. I've seen Noah go from being able to do practically nothing on his own, to smiling (October 2), rolling over (December 3), giggling (December 9), grabbing his feet (December 12), and just last night he laughed for the first time (December 18) while my whole family was skyping; regretfully, all except Matt (he was working). I love each of these small feats that I took for granted before. Who remembers learning to watch an object or how to brace your legs? These little ones of ours are learning everything from scratch...it's remarkable really, and I feel like I'm just getting that. I want to go back in time and be as amazed as I should have been at my nephews milestones and my friends' babies' milestones. The Lord is good and His children are beautifully and wonderfully made.

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Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

How fun! I can't wait to have the same experiences. It was really cool to be around Baby Jack over the holidays and see the new things he would do even while we were there. I'm definitely ready to start experiencing those things for myself with my own baby! Kids are so great! (Did I really just say that?!) Love ya.