29 May 2009

Another Trip to the Airport

I just got home from dropping mom at the airport. Long distance grandparenting is for the birds; and before I go any further, I must warn any readers that I'm in a total state of self-pity right now.
I've missed my parents since they've lived in Florida, but having Noah adds a whole new dimension of sadness when we have to leave each other. I've always wanted my children to grow up around my mom and dad, and it's a heart-breaking realization that it will probably not happen. Although this is cliche and whiny, life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. I miss my parents.
Anyone else deal with long distance parents/grandparents? How do you keep your kids close to them?


Tara Dembowczyk said...

When we lived in FL (and my parents in KY), my parents and I would always schedule a tentative time to see each other again before they left. We always tried to go no more than three months between getting together.

As far as keeping my kids connected with them, I always had pictures of their grandparents handy (if not framed) for my kids to see. And we'd talk about their grandparents alot....about the fun memories we had.

I know it's so hard, Evie. I never liked when my parents left and went back home. But it always helped to have another visit scheduled on the horizon. Hang in there, my friend.

Magers Family said...

What about using Skype? It might be better than nothing and then your parents can see Noah actually doing all the great stuff he is learning!

Anonymous said...

It stinks....grandkids should live next door to their granparents. I cried when I read your blog as I know what is yet to come for me. I am crying right now just thinking about it. Hard yes, in Gods plan, I know it is. Planning trips is the only way that I am able to cope. We already have one planned for New Mexico in October...I wish we all lived on the same street, our own compound...now wouldn't your dad and Gary love that :-) Prayers are being said on your behalf and you are loved. Lorrell

Matt and Evie Stark said...

Thanks for the words of advice and encouragement friends.

Lorrell, I know how tough it is for you and my mom. We (me/Matt and Nate/Vanessa) are blessed in that you guys are so committed to staying connected to us even though we are so far away.