27 May 2009

Noah and Those Other People He Lives With

Apparently, Matt and I are of absolutely no import to my mother. Only Noah. He is the only one who matters. Case and point...she would never sit in the front seat with me. Always in the back with Noah. What's up with that mom?!
Look-I have proof.
Check out the matching outfits. (OK, this one was my cheesy idea.)

Goob face!
This crawling thing is keeping me busy. If some other kid came over to our house, got into my magazines and ripped them up, I would have been furious! However, when my sweet little Noah, who of course means no harm does it, I play it cool. I calmly remove the ripped page from his hand that is quickly making it's way to his mouth and try to distract him with something else. Easier said than done however, and a bit of a power struggle ensues. This is just one example of his recent busyness. He is into EVERYTHING. Nothing is out of bounds. Take special note of the myriad of cords in this picture that I have yet to address. I'm a bad mom. Any ideas on how to hide cords people?


Kerry said...

Noah is such a cutie! I want to eat him up! Your mom looks great too!!! I'm glad she gets to come visit a good bit...I know it's never enough! Motherhood suits you so well...why did you guys wait so long???

Tara Dembowczyk said...

I love the matching outfits!!....but my Brian would have rolled his eyes had I done that :) You know Brian!!!! :)
I struggle with the whole electrical cord thing as well. I try to put furniture in front of the outlets with cords in them. I also have a few cords that, if too long (such as a cord from a floor lamp), I wrap in a cord tie (I'm not sure the official name of them, but they're designed to bunch up cords so you don't have loose cord on the floor).
I know you're an incredible mother!!!