08 January 2010

(almost) Naked Stair Climbing

Yesterday I let Noah drink out of a cup with a lid and a straw, and the fatal mistake I made, was walking away. He still doesn't understand that when a cup has a straw, he doesn't have to tip it up. Needless to say, the whole cup of water ended up all over him. So I stripped off his shirt and pants downstairs, and we headed up for some dry clothes. I thought he looked kind of hilarious in his diaper and socks, so I ran for the camera.
On a side note, Noah is 16 months now, and he's doing an excellent job climbing the stairs. After his major tumble down them a few weeks ago (which I didn't blog about because it was too traumatizing to re-live), we've been working on walking down the stairs. He is getting pretty good; however, we're still quite a ways away from letting him walk down alone.
I am in love with his little thigh rolls.

He loves it when we let him climb up on his own. He is SO independent, and the people closest to me say he gets it honestly. I can't imagine what they mean.


Magers Family said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement on my post!! Yesterday was a bad day, but today is better! Noah is getting so big, it amazes me and I love to see him growing.

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

What a cutie! We need to schedule a playdate! (I hate that I actually need to "schedule" one, but life is busy for me right now and I'm zapped!) I would love to catch up with you! Know any where to get some GOOD chai tea yet? :) PS- PLEASE get Noah to teach Lee about being independent! He's becoming clingy again.

The Edgren Family said...

What a cutie pie, Ev!! Jonathan totally has the same problem with drinks, especially when he used to drinking from a sippy cup for a while. I've been meaning to ask how the whole cloth diaper thing. Maybe you can e-mail me some info about it...if you don't mind.