22 January 2011

Brian and Janet's October Visit

I am going to start trying to catch up on blogging! I've been dreadfully awful about it for the past few months, and feel like I haven't written down things and now will never remember them! Awful! Here's a post I started, but never finished...  Of course I don't remember the tiny details that make memories, so the pictures will have to tell the story.
Brian and Janet and the boys came up to visit us in October. It was the first time they'd seen our new house. It was SO nice to have an actual room for them! The boys are playing so well together now, and I expect that to just continue to escalate as they all grow older. Parker is such a caretaker, and Tyler is the wild man setting the standard of danger! Noah loves his cousins so much...he talks of them constantly and has a blast when he's with them.

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Sarah Jane said...

So fun to grow up with your cousins. Love the striped red pants and gray boots!