23 January 2011

Aarrrrgg Matey!

Another catch up...

We spent Halloween 2010 in Springfield with Brian and Janet and the boys. Noah was a pirate, Parker was Peter Pan, and Tyler was Captain Hook. We spent the evening at Boulevard doing Trunk or Treat. It took a little bit for Noah and Tyler to get into it, but once they figured out that candy was being handed out freely, they got their little acts together! And all three of the boys ended up with tons of candy! It was our first year having to deal with the candy issue. We of course let him have some, we "shared" some, and some of it got thrown out! After trunk or treating we went inside the church where there were games and bouncy houses set up. The boys had a blast. On one of the bouncy things, there was a steep incline, and Noah couldn't quite manage it himself. His cousins were there to rescue him though. They pushed and pulled until he made it to the top, and then they slid down together. Such teamwork and so cute! On our way out, they wanted to play on the playground, so we let them a bit. There were some costumes that Noah thought were scary, so he started calling it "the scary playground!" He's so sensitive sometimes and such a little monster at others. Keeps me guessing I suppose!

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Anonymous said...

Sunday trunk-o-treating. lol makes it efficient and safe. I know someone with that same car, but blue.
Well thanks for the read/pics.