15 June 2011

Big Boy Bed

Last week, we bought Noah a "big boy bed." I scoured the web for the style I thought I wanted, but we ended up finding a bed on Craigslist that did the job. The first night we brought it home, it was too late to put it up, and Noah was pretty sad he wasn't sleeping in his big boy bed. A couple nights later though, he helped daddy put it together. He used his screw driver...super helpful! ;) We didn't get side rails, so we stuffed the perimeter of the bed with pillows, but he didn't fall out once! And he didn't get up in the night at all either. He did however pitter-patter his way to our bedroom at 4:45AM, where he slept for two more hours. I decided that morning that that sort of behavior could not continue, or else we'd have a habit on our hands. It was awfully sweet though. So now I'm in the middle of training him to stay in bed until 7:00. Which is a bit of a challenge, but I think he's doing pretty well. I've just ordered the OK to Wake alarm clock (recommended to us by Sarah) which lights up when the alarm goes off rather than making noise. Hopefully this will help him learn when he can get up. "Look for the light Noah, look for the light." This is what I will tell him. I'm sure it will work like magic...fingers crossed!

The biggest challenge with this new change is bed time. We're continuing our bed time routine of reading, singing, praying, but now after all is supposedly said and done, he sticks his head out of the door, and yells, "I need to go poop!" or "Good night mommy, good night daddy!" or "I love you Dad/Mom." or "I'm not getting out of my bed!" or "I'm getting in my bed now."  It's quite the little show, and I'm stumped as to how to stop it from happening. Hilarious sometimes, and frustrating at others.  We've also started "tucking" him in. Tonight after I tucked him in, he pulled his arm out and said, "Mom,  I broke the tuck, can you fix it?" Stinking adorable is what that is! I remember my parents tucking me in at night; dad always had the tightest tuck, and I loved it...looked forward to it. Felt in some way it was an extension of their love, which retrospectively, that's exactly what it was.  I love passing on special things like that to Noah, and one day to this little baby girl.

I'll add pictures to this post when I upload them. I've reached my all time worst at uploading and organizing photos. I don't really understand why I'm not keeping up. One of my goals before this baby comes is to get Noah's baby book in order, so hopefully I'll get my act together soon. Just wanted to at least get some of this in writing.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

Congratulations, Noah!
Those first few nights can be difficult....I remember it all too well :) Joshua would quite often make his way to our room during the night :) We finally told him that he wasn't allowed to crawl into our bed until the sun came up. So as soon as the sun peaked through his window, he was in our bed :)
To help Joshua not roll out of bed, we put one of those pool noodles (do you know what I'm referring to?) under his fitted sheet along the edge of his bed. That worked really well as a barrier to keep him from falling.
Hang in there!

evie said...

that is a brilliant idea tara! thanks!

Kristin said...

or the cutest one yet...I want a hug!

oh, these boys!!! we try the "super nanny" method. If you are interested, let me know.

Jennifer R. said...

I have rails that we are nbot using now if you want to borrow them