28 June 2011

February in Pictures

Catch up for February 2011

Twilight night with the girls. We absolutely needed Twilight themed cake pops for the occasion!

Noah and I took what is becoming our annual winter trip to Florida in February. Grams took us to a strawberry farm, and Noah had a great time. It was a beautiful day for doing such things.

We rode a tracker to the fields...
Noah carried the buckets that we filled with strawberries.

We always have to visit Boca Raton Plaza (because it is a really really good mall!), and the last few times Grams has given Noah money to throw in the fountain. I love how he's standing in this picture. So cute!
 What a sweet face.

The highlight of this particular trip was our visit to Disney World. GG was able to get us in for free and she was a trooper as we dragged her around til after dark! To get the day started though, we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
 Walking in...
 Riding the tram...
 Riding another tram...
 Riding the train Pops promised him (with his conductor hat of course!).
 Noah's first look at the magical castle!
 We waited in lots of lines!
 Can't go to Disney without taking this classic photo.

 Celebration Parade: I think Noah was over-stimulated. He loved it, couldn't tear his eyes away, but stayed entirely silent the whole time.
 One of the big highlights...seeing Woody!
 More lines...
 Grams rented a stroller for Noah and this is how he like to sit in it.
 Pirates of the Caribbean ride: Noah said it was a little scary, but he did great!
 And he got a Jack Sparrow sword.

 Riding with grandma on the Alladin ride.

 We found the cast of characters putting on a show. Noah had a great view from Pops shoulders.

 The castle turned purple!
 "To infinity and beyond!" Noah's favorite cartoon character!
 He was getting so tired, he laid down on Pops shoe.
 Our crew.
 Grams bought Noah a Buzz Lightyear toy on our way out of The Magic Kingdom.

 So tired!
 Back at GG's the next day...
 Chatting with Missy the Moo Cow.
 Riding the tracker with Pops...
Noah snapped this picture of Pawpaw.
and gave him a kiss.
Gary and Lorrell drove over to GG's to see us for a bit.
(Picture is out of order) Noah was saying hello to Missy.
Pops had to wash off all the bugs from our road trip and he needed some help from his buddy.
This is Noah after helping Pops wash the car.

Going on a bike ride with Grams. Grams said he said hello to neighbors and dogs and sang as they rode around.
Beach time!

Ikea time! Only Noah could get his Grams to do this! (We did end up buying this tent.)
It's so hard to say goodbye!
(Out of order picture.) Pops and Noah hanging out before we had to leave for the airport.
At the end of February, we had a family photo shoot with Erica.

February 2011 - (I am 3-4 months pregnant with baby girl in these photos.)

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