29 July 2012

Sassy and Skiing

I am officially labeling London as sassy, stubborn, silly and sweet! She's keeping us on our toes recently with her quick crawling and honed shoe-finding abilities. And she's a paradox with her often incessant giggling mixed with her ear piercing screams. Hence the sass label! Love this girl :)

Mr. Noah is learning to ski. It's so exciting for us, and he seems to be having a blast learning. Right now he likes to stay squatted on his skis while the boat pulls him, and he's easily distracted in the water: waving, giving us a thumbs up, making suggestions for evening activities...etc. His undying willingness to be out there and to keep trying over and over is thrilling to us though! It's one of the dreams we had when he was just a baby -to see him out on the water one day, skiing. He's so close to getting it!

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