07 August 2012


The mama bird comes out in me when other kids pick on Noah. I just want to hurt them! He is so sweet (most of the time); he even calls all kids "friends," and when they pick on him, it revs up this fire in me that is consuming! A little girl (she couldn't have been more than 7) kept calling him a "pip-squeek."  He came and told me this was happening, and I told him next time she said it to say, "it's not nice to call me names" and walk away.
On the way home, he told me that he did tell her that, and she called him a pip-squeek again. How do you teach your child being a jerk and calling people names or being cruel isn't OK, when other kids are doing it?! Oh, this fires me up!
Noah is certainly not an angel, but he IS fairly innocent still, and things like this chip away at that state. This world is so cruel and broken.
Watch out mean kids...mama bird will not sit silently next time!

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Hols said...

It's hard being a parent of the kid being picked on. It's also hard when you have that kid that does the picking(trust me). :( Sorry your little guy was hurt.