02 October 2008

Breast Pumps and the Zoo

Noah and I went to the St. Louis Zoo for the first time on Wednesday. We met up with the mom's group from church, and I felt like it was really nice to get out and walk around. Noah slept pretty much the whole time, but I know that one day he will go crazy at the thought of hitting up the zoo.

It seems that Noah's schedule has once again changed. His eating schedule has spread out a bit, which is fantastic, as every hour and a half was pretty tiring, but now I need to pump pump pump...my first experience with a little engorgement! I think we are going to buy a new pump, and I've been told that I can get a Medela for a great price at Worldwide Surgeon??? Is that right? I need to ask the person who gave me the tip. I'm not sure I have the name right. Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting a pump at a good price?

We have a busy month ahead of us. Lots of visitors coming to the Lou, and we are so thrilled that Noah will get to hang out with our loved ones!

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