28 October 2008


Last Wednesday my college roommate, Brittany, visited with us. She has two young boys, Brody and Wyatt, and we had a fun time together. We spent 6 hours at the Mills Mall, which was amazing considering our kids were with us. They were fabulous. I was telling Brit that I felt like the reason Noah did so well is because I didn't try to push his limits. When I figured he needed a diaper change, we stopped to do it. When I thought he may be hungry, I fed him. When he needed to be held (which was pretty much the whole time) I held him in my sling. I'm learning here... It's not about my agenda anymore, that's for sure. And Brittany was super understanding as she has little ones as well, so it was a great laid back day at the mall. I didn't get any pics of me and Noah, but here are a couple cute ones of Brit and her boys.

After Brit left, Sarah Garrison came up for the weekend. Matt watched Noah all day on Saturday so that Sarah and I could scrapbook. It was a good break for me, but I did miss the little guy. As always, Sarah and I had a great time together, and then we ended our day with some fabulous sushi from Wasabi. On Sunday, Sarah showed me how to make beef stew out of my leftover roast, and it was delicious! I think the cabbage in it caused some serious gas in Noah, so I think I'll have to leave that out next time. Oh man, it was good though.

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Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

You look so beautiful! Mmmm...beef stew sounds really good! Dinner time!