09 October 2008

I'm a New Woman despite Acid Reflux

Debbie and Steve Stark spent last weekend with us, and we had a great time. Debbie and Steve (mainly Deb, the baby hog :) held Noah when he wasn't eating so I was able to spend some time in the kitchen cooking, which I really enjoyed. We also captured some excellent photos of Noah with his Nana and Papa down on the Arch grounds.
Who new that 6.5 hours of sleep could do so much for a person. Noah slept for 6.5 hours last night. Granted, he was in his car seat and had been screaming for two hours before he finally fell asleep, but those two hours were so worth the 6.5 hours of sleep. I feel like a new woman! Did I mention that I slept for 6.5 hours last night? If only this were the beginning of a beautiful pattern, but I'm afraid he's fighting sleep as I write. It's his daddy's turn however; therefore, I'm catching up on the blog.

The doc diagnosed Noah with acid reflux this week. He prescribed some meds for him, and I've been advised to keep him upright for 20-30 minutes after he eats. This is hardest in the middle of the night, but it definitely seems to help him not spit up so much. Nights seems to be the most difficult for him. I hate it that it hurts him to eat. It's like around 7pm he gets hungry, I begin to feed him, and then he pulls off because of the reflux. I then soothe him, he begins to root again, so I put him back on, and the same thing happens all over. I know he's hungry, but it's as if it hurts him to eat. I know that this reflux is common, so does anyone have any advice?

This weekend Sarah is coming, and Noah can't wait to meet her! His future BFF waits and grows patiently in her belly.


Marisa Eash said...

Hi Evie,

I just read your blog and wanted to let you know that I truly know what you are going through with the little babe and reflux. Kyle and I have had many a night (especially before the diagnosis) wondering what was wrong with our screaming baby. If you want to chat about it email me sometime.


Kerry said...

Brennan had reflux too and I can't say I have any great solutions to it. I did start putting him on his side and stomach to sleep and that seemed to help him. I had a prescription written for him, but after one weekend of giving it to him, I thought it made him crankier than without it. Anyways, it is common and the good news is, it doesn't last forever. It seemed to be gone by around six months for Brennan. The biggest tip...get good burp cloths that cover your entire shoulder! I'll pray for Noah to feel better!

Vanessa said...

Micah and Corban both had reflux. I am so feeling for you. Ask your dr. first, of course, but our dr. advised giving little doses of Maylox (sp?). This worked really well with both boys. Hopefully Noah's reflux will be short lived. Congrats on your 6.5 hours, by the way. Doesn't a good night really change your day. :)