12 August 2009

Beach Time 2

I will never forget the fun evening we spent at the beach last weekend with grams and pops. Noah had some intense bonding time with his pops this trip, and it was such a treat for me to get to see them together. Mom (grams) and I got some great pictures of the two of them. We actually went to the beach twice. Once just to walk, and the second to play. Noah did pretty well. He ate sand a couple times, attempted to munch on a shell, got splashed with salt water, slapped water in a hole that pops dug, crawled around, rubbed sand all over his face, and went into the waves with me and pops. He didn't cry when he got water in his eyes or when he ate sand. Just when we tried to help him! Great times! We missed Matt, but really enjoyed experiencing this with grams and pops. I can't wait to take him back.

"Goodbye beach. We'll see you next summer. Love, Noah"


Kerry said...

So precious! I love all of these pics with your parents! I'm glad you were able to spend so much time with them. It's nice to be spoiled by your parents every once in a while! Everyone looks great!

The Edgren Family said...

Too adorable! I especially love the last one and the one with your dad where he's smiling. Looks like he's a beach lover!! YAY!

Tara Dembowczyk said...

Oh, how sweet. This last picture just grabs at my heartstrings. I'm so glad you guys had a great time!