21 August 2009


Grams and Pops house is so fun because...
they let me play with pool equipment (but they won't let me eat it, which I wanted to),
they let me chill in their lounge chair,

Grams lets me play in the sink,

they let me sit in a big chair (strapped in of course with one of Grams belts),
they take me outside whenever I want to go,
and Pops lets me play with his tools and crawl around the garage.
Do they spoil me...um, yes.
Do I love it...um, yes.
Does mommy mind...not a bit.


Marisa Eash said...

Oh, I love the sink and big chair pictures. I actually just told Preston that he used to bathe in the sink and told him he has grown so much. There is no way he'd even remotely fit in our sink anymore.

Gina said...

That sink picture is awesome. I'll have to try that with Eva (after a good scrubbing).