21 August 2009

Nashville or Bust

Last weekend, we took off on a road trip to visit our good friends Marcus and Katie and their beautiful little girl, Sadie. It was a short trip, but we always have such a fun time with them.

Some highlights included:

-matt and I being in awe of marcus' wireless abilities between his iphone and his tv.
-being able to stay at their beautiful new old house
-katie's AMAZING peach cobbler
-eating one of the best sandwiches of my life at Mitchell Delicatessen
-being convinced by marcus to watch the movie hard candy (which is not a porno, despite the title), and then making marcus watch twilight. just returning the favor :) (and katie liked it by the way!)
-touring two of their friends gorgeous old bungalows
-finally getting to meet sadie...she has these eyes and cheeks that make you fall in love instantly and she has the sweetest personality
-catching up on new music late at night
-and lastly, one of my favorites...putting noah and sadie in the bath together, which will be superbly inappropriate in a few years; but for now, it's just about the cutest thing imaginable.

In addition, Noah found a new toy that he LOVES. This will be one of his birthday gifts!


Kerry said...

Awe! How precious and how fun that you still keep in touch with Marcus! Noah and Sadie are the cutest together! What is Marcus up to these days?

Shanna Gourley said...

super cute picture. Reese has that push car in pink and loves it. It is perfect for pushing her down Washington Ave.

Hammocks and High Tea said...

So sweet. They're looking at each other with some serious romantic intentions...or maybe just simple baby curiousity, but I'd prefer to believe the former! I need to hear about that sandwich and peach cobbler!