28 March 2010

Weekend Review

Friday started off fabulously because it was my "day off." Shanna kept Noah all day for me while I roamed the city doing all sorts of things you take for granted when you don't have kids. Running here or there for a very small reason or no reason at all. Being able to jump out of the car without mangling with a car seat was revolutionary. Such a lovely break. That evening, Matt picked up some steaks and then we ended the evening with New Moon. Don't hate, it was amazing!

Saturday, we babysat Gina and Rodney's little ones, Will and Eva. Will and Noah had a blast wrestling with Noah's living room chair, and Eva kept herself busy with other toys, while the boys did their thing. Later that night, we went to church and then had a delicious family dinner at Sage. Noah was delightful at dinner...he behaved beautifully.

We had a super relaxing Sunday. Noah was especially comfortable as he watched Veggie Tales in the big chair. He and daddy got lots of play time in...they played with the train, took a trip to the grocery store for me, took a walk around the neighborhood, zoomed around the house on Lightening McQueen, along with other various activities.

I made Easter Sugar Cookies. Yum!

And that was our weekend! Although we missed hanging out with friends, it was nice to spend the whole weekend with just the three of us!

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