12 July 2010

Florida Wrap Up

First of all, let me just tell you that I can't get these pictures in order to save my life, and I'm too annoyed with dealing with them to delete them and start anew! So, they will just have to be out of order!

The second half of our trip to Florida was just as fun as the first. We visited the beach again, and we also went to this amazing kids' water park called, Coconut Cove.  We will definitely be back there on future trips. Noah played hard for almost 4 hours straight.  Unfortunately, Grams and I were following Noah around the whole time, and a camera would have gotten wet, so I have no pictures from that afternoon.  But, it was so cool!

On this trip, Grams taught Noah how to make a fish face, and we both worked on getting him to hold his breath...both cracked us up! Noah also collected shells for his cousins, Parker and Tyler, at the beach.  He played more on his "water slide" with Pops, and he had a good time with some new toys that Grams bought him, especially his farm.  One night was particularly memorable...Pops was putting Noah to bed, they were reading through Noah's little Bible, and they turned to the story of David and Goliath.  Noah, pointed and said "Goliath" as if this story was one he had read a thousand times! Pops was a little blown away, and I was a proud proud mama!

Grams and Pops both tried to help in getting Noah to say "please," but they had about as much luck as we've had. And that would be none. Noah also decided to call Pops "Papa" the WHOLE time. Not once did he say his name correctly. And he totally can, because he's called him Pops for months now. Stinker! Oh, and to top off the negative behavior list I seem to have going here, Noah starting hitting, a lot.  (Which has since curbed quite a bit, thankfully!) That is one stubborn little boy we have.

On to the out of order pictures!

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