25 June 2010

Grams and Pops, Again!

Yep, we're back in Florida! I wanted to get in one more trip to Grams and Pops before we have to start paying for Noah's passage, so here we are! Grams found an awesome park for Noah that had a carousel.

 Pops bought Noah a Slip n' Slide, and he loves it!

Of course once he got to the bottom he just wanted to play in the water.

Today we went to the beach, and Pops made Noah a race car in the sand. The same kind he made for Ben and I when we were younger, and a little to our surprise, Noah played in it for a while.  We expected him to get some sand on his hands and be done, but he sat in the driver's seat ready to go. ( He doesn't like getting "yucky.")  He started out smiling, but saying "yucky, yucky, yucky..." So funny! But he really enjoyed playing in the car. Thanks Pops!


Marisa Eash said...

Slip n Slide!!!! Sounds like another fun trip to Florida to visit the grands. Cute pictures. See you soon!

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

I'm waiting for you to blog about our Eclipse night! (I have nothing better to do at work.)

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...