17 October 2010

A Weekend with Friends, Part 1

Friday night we caught up with the Gourley's and Rappaports. Now that Shanna is a working woman again, we only have the weekends to hang out. It's great for her, but sad for me (and Jenn)! We had a kid friendly dinner at Fuddruckers and then spent a little time at the Magic House. Fuddrucker's has a game room that we let the kids play around in before dinner. This is one of the only times you will see a gun in my son's hand (that is until I'm completely overrun by Matt, Steve, Brian and Janet)! Cute picture though, right?

 The Magic House had a "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" themed display. Noah enjoyed driving the Smart Car and the Recycler Truck. Really, because they had steering wheels, certainly not because they were environmentally friendly!
Next, we worked on composting.
Then he used the compost to fertilize the garden!
He worked on recycling experiments.

 I love this little cutie!

Next, we hit up the Legislative and Judicial Branches, along with President Obama's office. All the boys were anxious to speak into the microphone in the courtroom, and as cute as Noah was, Aidan won the entertainer award by boldly singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!" He's such a ham! Abe, Jude and Jenn can be seen behind Aidan as he makes his presence known!
Saturday morning, we bundled up and took a walk to the park. We walked around the Farmer's Market, let Noah play on the playground, and then we attempted to join the Malones in a little soccer practice. Noah, however, was more interested in picking up the soccer ball with his hands, and then losing his mind when he got knocked down. We didn't force it.  Matt ended up just letting him roam the grounds, which made our little wanderer extremely happy! We ran into several friends in the park too. I love living in a place where we run into people we know. St. Louis continues to feel more and more like home. I'm really digging that feeling!

Tomorrow, Pumpkin Patch!

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Hammocks and High Tea said...

Noah looks very cool cat/rock star. I approve! Such fun things to do.