03 November 2010

Weekend with Friends, Part 2

Saylah and Noah looking anxiously for the tractor that will take us to the Eckert's Pumpkin Patch!
We went with friends, Alejandro, Sandra and Saylah to pick pumpkins.

These two ran around the pumpkin patch like it was the most fun thing on earth! They were hilarious. Noah tried to pick up pumkins, and he would say, "it's heavy," and he would always draw out the word "h-e-a-v-y." So funny! Miss Saylah followed him everywhere and mimiced everything he did. He's not always the best example, so I began to get a little nervous when he darted out into an empty and immense corn field. Matt had to chase him down, and luckily Saylah was wise enough to know that she probably shouldn't follow him this time!
Fast boy, faster daddy, and smart chica!
After the pumpkin picking (we actually didn't get one, as I had already purchased two of them!), we headed to the fun farm. Our kiddies were still a little small for many of the activities, but they still had a good time.

After the fun farm, we had lunch and walked through the farm grocery store. Saylah pushed around her own cart in the store.
Great Sunday morning with our friends! Nothing more "fallish" than going to the pumpkin patch!


Hammocks and High Tea said...

The pumpkin patch never fails! Great pictures! Love the one of Matt chasing after Noah...very descriptive! And Saylah is adorable! She looks like such a big girl.

Tara Dembowczyk said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

lucylucia said...

Um seriously. These photos of the kids are ridiculously CUTE!!!