01 February 2011

Give Thanks 2010

Thanksgiving this year was a day filled with some traditional, some non-traditional and good times with family and friends.
The morning started off with these homemade babies:
Which were a terrible traveling-breakfast idea actually! We were meeting the Gourley's at the St. Louis Downtown Thanksgiving Day Parade (an annual tradition since last year), and Shanna was bringing the savory and me the sweet. These were quite difficult to eat standing on a sidewalk though! 
The morning was a wet and cold one, but we stuck to our plans and met on the corner as planned. The kids were bundled and Aidan was in his element, but Noah and Reese weren't the happiest campers.

Reese just wasn't feeling 100%, and Noah was afraid of some of the floats. Matt is comforting him in this one, while Daryl cracks up.
We got in some good family pics.

And then Noah decided perhaps the parade wasn't so bad after all, once candy started being handed out!

The Gourley's had to head out in order to prepare for their lunch, but we stuck around to see Santa. It started raining harder so we found an awning to stand under. Santa finally came, and we were out of there.

We got back home in time for Nana and Papa to arrive. We relaxed and did some non-traditional cooking, since we had just had the big Thanksgiving meal the weekend before down at the lake with Brian and Janet, the boys and Nana and Papa. I thought I'd try a few new sides with just a turkey breast. WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! I mean the food tasted just fine, but it just wasn't Thanksgiving! I was so disappointed at my choice to do non-traditional. Who cares if we had just had it! Thanksgiving only comes once a year!
Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the afternoon with Nana and Papa (so Deb if you have any, please send them to me!).
After a nice, low key afternoon we met up with the Gourley's again at The Chase to see Tangled. I think this may be my most favoirte picture of the entire year!
This was a 3D movie, so glasses were imperitive. Noah loves his and still wears them to this day! This picture is so perfect of our little ones and their personalities. LOVE IT!
Shanna bought the kids popcorn, and they all sat ready for the movie...which was really cute by the way! The last picture isn't the best quality, but proves that Nana and Papa were with us!

Noah ended up sitting with us most of the time, but he really liked the movie. We said our goodbyes to our Thanksgiving partners in crime, and went home for homemade peach cobbler! Yum! Another non-traditional, but this one worked.
The next day, Deb and I shopped till we dropped, while Steve traveled north to see his mom. He brought back this tractor, and Noah has talked about it since.

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