17 July 2011

A Hard Day of Parenting

Little bit of a rough day with this sweet boy:
(Noah, eating his self-decorated cup cake at Reese's 4th birthday party yesterday.)

Actually, a little more than rough. Everything recently is so difficult with Noah. He fights us on so many things! Nothing is easy. I feel like we've possibly been giving him too many chances to obey, so today we cracked down, and it was a day full of time outs and spankings. Just awful. Nap time was miserable too. He was so tired, but wouldn't fall asleep, and then ended up making a joke out of the whole thing by singing, and kicking, and trying to sneak off the bed, and crawling on top of me, and saying he had to go potty, and a hundred other little things that made me want to go mad.  I usually don't lay in his bed with him, but I knew he NEEDED to sleep, and he would just play if I didn't lie with him for a bit. After an hour, I gave it up though. I felt defeated and disrespected. I tried to tell myself that I was letting my (almost) 3 year old make me, a 32 year old feel this way, but I couldn't help it. I feel like I'm usually pretty strong during these moments of frustration, but be it my hormones, my exhaustion level,or something else entirely, I had a hard time keeping it together. I pray tonight that the Lord would show me how to more effectively parent his behavior in a way that shapes his heart and encourages him to obey with a joyful spirit.


Jennifer R. said...

Welcome to 3, it is not easy but we will all survive (some of us barely), and we will all live happily ever after. At least that is what I am telling myself.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

I just wrote a post last night about my daughter. She was diagnosed with some "special needs" when she was 2 and a half. Life has been a struggle. The last few weeks I feel like I have lost all control!! I will pray for you. That age is hard anyways especially when we have to "crack down" on them. Good luck. I have a 2 year old also.

Sarah Jane said...

Sorry, Ev. Those days totally suck! Thank goodness they don't happen every day...although sometimes it feels that way. I go through the same thing...lightening up then cracking back down. It's so tiring. My mind goes around and around in circles until I'm dizzy trying to think through my parenting tactics and what I should do differently. Not to mention your exhausted with the pregnancy! I can't say it will get easier right away...especially with the newborn on the way. It will actually probably get harder for a while as you deal with both challenges at the same time...but there is light on the horizon! Someday they'll both be 18+ and out of your house! (That was a joke, by the way!) OK...this wasn't very encouraging, but just know you're not alone! Love ya!

Hols said...

Oh, sista!!!!!! YES!!! I feel your pain. Thanks for sharing so I know I'm not the only one. Hang in there. Enjoy your time with one.

Beth said...

oh girl, this is my same story, insert different child. It is so hard to grasp perspective in the moment. I take the disobedience so personally. And then, finally, after bedtime when all is quiet I realize, "He's three. This is what three year olds do. My job is to help and train, not join in the emotional chaos." I literally was crying during nap time yesterday. SO hard! Praying right along side you for wisdom, patience and self control from the Holy Spirit."

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