14 July 2011

A Few Conversations

While sitting on the toilet this afternoon: 
Noah: "sssshhhhhhh..." (while holding his finger to his mouth)
Me: (whispering) "ok, what is it?"
Noah: (whispering) "there's a monster coming."
Me: "OH, really? is he a scary monster or a friendly one?"
Noah: "he's a friendly one."
Me:  (still whispering) "oh good."
Noah: "mommy, ssssshhhh. there's a friendly pirate coming too."
Me: "oh, ok."
Noah: (whispering continues) "and a friendly elephant is coming too."
Me: I just laughed really hard at this point.
Noah: "sssssshhhhhh..."

While eating lunch at McAlisters with Daddy and Grams after BSF one Tuesday back in April:
Noah : "Jesus is holding me. He's a big guy, and He's not scary. He loves me."
Me: I just cried.

While sitting on the toilet right before bed time (also in April):
Noah: "Can God take me potty?"
Me: I just laugh.
Noah: "Cause God loves me." (implied: God loves me, so surely he'll take me potty.)
Me: "Yep, God does love you buddy."
Noah: "God loves me, and Daddy loves me, and Mommy loves me."
Me: "That's right sweetie, we all love you very much." (heart melting!)


Sarah Jane said...

Totally teared up. Yes, me, heart of stone over here. That is just too sweet. See...you're doing a good job, Ev. Those conversations show that the things that are way more important are happening...even if the naps are not! Oooo...maybe you should start using God/Jesus as a threat when he misbehaves. Like, "Hey, kid, Jesus won't love you anymore if you do that!" (Ummm...for those of you who don't know me, that was totally a joke and obviously a terrible idea...but then that's why it's funny as a joke.)

Anonymous said...

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