29 September 2008

Lorrell's Visit

My mom's BFF and long time family friend, Lorrell, was in Missouri this last week and stopped by to visit Noah (and us...sort of) before heading back to Florida. She decided she was not a fan of Missouri, but thankfully that didn't taint her opinion of our little guy! When she saw Noah, she said that I did all the work, but Matt is getting all the glory because Noah looks so much like him. She's absolutely right. He's a little mini-me of Matt. Lorrell brought Noah several gifts including some cute onsies with pants to match and wrist toys. He doesn't have many "toys" yet, so I'm looking forward to him playing with those. Thanks for visiting us Lorrell!

Also, a quick shout out to our friends the Gourley's for letting us borrow their Bjorn. Noah enjoyed walking around Taste of St. Louis pressed against his daddy's chest!

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