02 December 2008


I gave this little shirt to my precious nephew Tyler last year, and it has now become one of Noah's hand-me-downs (which he has lots of from his cousins Parker and Tyler). Anyway, I thought the shirt had significance when I originally bought it as it supports an AIDs foundation, but now that my little Noah is wearing it, I find that it's message rings true as I am incredibly inspired by my sweet son.

I am thankful for his life, for his health
I am inspired by his innocence
I am thankful for his beautiful, toothless smile
I am inspired by my boundless love for him
I am grateful for his huge blue eyes
I am inspired to show him God's love
I am inspired to set an example of what a woman should be
I am inspired to not be lazy with him
I am inspired to model integrity and strength
I am thankful for his sweet milky breath
I am inspired to read to him often
I am inspired by his dependence on me
I am proud of his little moments
I am inspired to sacrifice for him
I am inspired...


Kerry said...

So sweet! Evie, Noah is so handsome! I love the inspi(red) pics and your thoughts!

Gina said...

Those photos are so precious. Did you ever think you could love so deeply? Also, i love the holiday layout- definitely cheer-"inspiring"! =)