11 December 2008

Stark Christmas

It's taken me a little while to find time to write about our Christmas with the Starks, but here I go!
We headed down on a Friday and stayed through Sunday. On Saturday, Brian, Janet, Parker and Tyler came down to the lake, and we really had a great day together. The Matt and Brian made just about every kind of meat there is...pork, burgers, chicken wings...it was a little over the top; however, we were also celebrating Brian's birthday, so Matt had a good excuse to go nuts on the grill. After lunch, we opened gifts. Matt and I (and Parker) opened all of Noah's gifts which was really fun! We all received more than enough and had a really good time watching Parker really be into it for the first time. He's at that age. Later, we had prime rib with the family and during dinner, Parker crawled down on Noah's little play mat with him. He draped his favorite blanket over him, and he talked and hugged and kissed Noah. It was precious.

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Gina said...

Umm, Noah's outfit is so cute. A tie? I gotta get one for Will. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Just let me know when you wanna stop by- we're here everyday! Eva would love to see you and Will would love to see Noah. I also have your tupperware containers (the dinner was scrumptous). See you soon!