18 March 2009

First Foods and Daddy Time

I'm so behind here! January 12, Noah had his first experience with rice cereal. The picture above is literally his very first taste of it, and he seemed to like it...this "seeming to like it" has turned into LOVING it. He was definitely ready for a little more substance I think. I would mix the rice cereal with some breast milk, and he ate it up.

Carrots came in mid February. His furrowed brows here are hilarious. It's almost like I can read his little mind..."what the heck is this mom?"

Seriously? His face here is so cute, and his bib says it all.

I LOVE these pictures of Noah and Matt. Noah is in love with his daddy. When Matt greets him in the morning or when he comes home from work, Noah gets this huge open mouth grin on his face. It's one of the sweetest things I've witnessed.

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