18 March 2009

My Birthday

My 30th birthday was in early February, and even with our lack of finances my husband, my best friend, and my parents managed to make it wonderful! Matt had to work on my actual birthday, and then that evening we had community group, but he still made the day special by giving me my favorite flowers (pink roses), treating me to a fabulous lunch at Maggiano's, and he surprised me with a cookie cake at group. I actually requested a rather quiet and relaxing birthday celebration, so the weekend after my birthday, we went to Springfield to spend time with Sarah and Jay. We met them at Lola's for an early lunch and our first desserts of the day...chocolate and strawberry cake! Sarah gave me three cards, and entitled them each differently "Evie The Mother", "Evie The Best Friend", and "Evie The Woman Warrior". She's so creative! She had a sweet message in each, along with money for shopping in each! Way too much, but boy were those fun cards to open! After Lola's, Sarah and I split from the boys and spent a little time shopping. We cut our shopping trip shorter than we may normally have done, because Sarah was after all 7 months pregnant at the time! And I have recent memories of how quickly one can tire while carrying around a pregnant belly! We went back to her house, where the guys (mostly just Matt:) were preparing the meal that she had set out. She had notes on everything, giving explicit directions on what should be done and how it should be done. So funny! We had a fantastic meal, followed by a game of Settlers and then some hot cider and Milkyway cake. It was quite the chill day of delicious food and good times.
In addition to my at-home (Missouri home that is) celebrations, my parents sent me a Bible. I've been wanting a new slim Bible, and they sent me one that belonged to my dad, which of course I love way more than I would have a brand new one. For those of you who don't know, my dad gave me a Bible in '94 that was his, and I hold that one very dear; so now to have a second from him is quite special. They ALSO, bought me a plane ticket to Florida, so Noah and I traveled there on Feb. 23 and returned to St. Louis on March 6. Mom jokes that it was a mutually beneficial birthday gift, as she got to see us (us meaning Noah!) and I got to get out of the cold. (Yes, mom, I know you wanted to see me too!) We had a great time. Noah started sitting up fairly well while we were there, and he learned to take his pacifier in and out on his own. Mom bought him this Leap Frog drum, and he sat on her bed and beat that little drum like he knew what he was doing. I can see his development almost daily it seems. Mom and Dad really enjoyed spending time with Noah, and of course it was very sad to say goodbye yet again.

These last two pictures were taken last weekend at Steve and Debbie's. Check out Noah's excellent posture. Why isn't my back that straight?

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The Edgren Family said...

He is adorable, Ev! Thanks for sharing!