17 March 2009

Proud Teacher

Facebook is pretty amazing in its ability to hook us up with those with whom we may have otherwise stayed out-of-touch. I know I have some major catching up to do on my blog here, but before I tackle my second trip to Florida and Sarah's baby shower, lend me your ears for a quick reflection on one of my favorite students from my teaching years. Her name is Courtney, and she and I have been "walling" each other on Facebook. She was 15 when I met her and was a student in my World Literature class in Tampa. She and a close friend of hers, Nikki (now goes by Nicole...why must they grow up?) were excellent students and super sweet girls, and we formed a close connection. We have sent an email here and there over the years, but she recently shared with me her blog, http://www.hungryyogini.com/. I've been reading through it for the past few minutes and have found myself just bursting with pride at her growth. Obviously, people change between the years of 15 and 20, but I really noticed the maturity in her ideas and writing. Although I'm a tiny part of her past, I'm still finding myself swallowing hard with a huge grin and a scrape of sentiment.

Over the last couple of years, I've really become intrigued with the beauty of food, and Courtney clearly has this passion too. She couples the aesthetic of good food with it's healthy benefits and writes all about this in a very accessible way. Check out her blog. It's really great!

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Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

Girl, you are too sweet! I'm so glad I shared it with you! I actually thought about it a while ago when I started but I'm still a littly shy...I've been "putting on my big girl panties," as my mother would say, and have been sharing more and more with my friends. Thanks for being so supportive. It means a lot! Lots of love to you =)