18 March 2009

Home Cookin' Baby Style

I've really enjoyed making Noah's food, and I've been inspired by one of my old students (read blog entitled "Proud Teacher" for the whole story) to capture some of my recipes on camera. I love the beauty of simple (well, and complex for that matter) food, so it was fun to take some pictures of the process this morning. I've spent much of today making Noah's food for the week and catching up my blog. This morning before I got the other food diced and steaming, I chopped up some bananas and strawberries (an idea given by Deb, Noah's Nana), and pureed them in the food processor. I made enough to freeze two trays of them. After breakfast, I started on apples and sweet potatoes. I simply peeled, diced and steamed them (separately), and then pureed them (also separately). I need to get more trays, so while the bananas and strawberries are chilling, the apples and sweet potatoes are awaiting their freezer time in the refrigerator. Today, I still have yellow squash and zucchini to peel, dice, steam and puree, and then Noah will have yummy, organic, healthy food for the rest of the week!

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Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

What a good mama! Organic, homemade baby food...beautiful! What a lucky boy Noah is. He is getting such a healthy, loving start.

P.S. Saw your comment about yoga...you should do it!! I know they offer Mom and Baby classes here in Tampa. Do they have anything like that in your area? It's a great way for mom to get some "me" time and to be able to bond with the little ones. Mmm yoga. I love it.