08 March 2011

Stark Christmas 2010

What a cheeser! 

We celebrated Christmas with the Stark side this year a week before Christmas weekend. We spent our time together at the lake with Uncle Brian, Aunt J, Parker and Tyler, and of course Nana and Papa. We enjoyed our traditional Prime Rib dinner together and then woke up the next morning to open gifts. And gifts there were! Tons of them! These three boys (well, us adults too) are a little spoiled!
I didn't know what these were until Deb told me the boys wanted them. Oh the things I still have to learn!
Noah was much more excited about this train set than his face shows here!
All the boys wanted to play with Tyler's new truck...some mediation was required!
Aunt Ev does not approve!!!
And the airplane from Papa that got immediate play time. Papa always picks out great gifts!

Parker and his bug glasses!
Enough with the gifts, let's go outside! Actually, I think we were getting ready to go to the outlet malls (the trip where I secretly bought the "Big Brother" shirt for Noah), but we let the boys play a little outside first. It was a really nice day.

I just think he looks so cute in these pictures!
...hmmmm, how much trouble will we get in if we go into the woods?

We had a great weekend with the Stark family. And although spending time with loved ones is the objective and the most important aspect of holidays together, I can't NOT mention that this was the year of the Cuisinart Food Processor, purchased by my MIL for me for a crazy, amazingly good price! Thank you Deb...I love it! We also appreciate all the work that goes into to having all of us down at the lake. 

So after the Christmas celebration, but before heading back to St. Louis, we stopped by Uncle Brian's fire station.
Noah is in his own little personal heaven.
He even got to try on a real fireman's hat. It was a little heavy!
This boy loves his Uncle Brian!
Brian made Matt try on all his gear to get a feel for it.
This is about the time when Matt realized he is quite comfortable behind a desk.
Noah: "Can I drive again?"
Uncle Brian: "Anything for you buddy."
And how about some Oreos to top off the experience? Guess where Noah wants to go every time we go to Springfield now? I wonder why! Time of his life. Thanks Uncle Brian!

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