06 February 2011

Noah's First Super Bowl Party

A couple of bullet points about Noah's first Super Bowl party experience:
  • He kept getting it confused with a birthday party. Anything with the word "party" in it, must be a birthday. In fact, at one point we sang, "happy birthday to football, happy birthday to football..."
  • Noah does not like it when people yell and get really excited about a good or bad play. In fact, it scared him to death. Especially Pete, who is at least 6'5 and had a cheese hat on that Noah just couldn't quite get used to.
  • He REALLY liked the half-time show. 
  • He REALLY liked the candy bar that was available at his height.
  • He was so tired by the time we left that he didn't want to leave. He was saying things like, "but I don't want to go home." "The football party is not over!"  There was no reasoning with him either. He absolutely insisted that "he didn't have fun" and "the football party was not over!"  We were like, "um buddy, if you didn't have fun why do you want to stay?" Reasoning with an exhausted 2 1/2 year old is totally pointless, of course. Poor kid crashed once we got him in bed. 

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