07 August 2011

Feeling Grateful

At this stage of the game, 2 weeks out from being due that is, I more often than not feel the tendency to complain about how I'm feeling.  I'm having the same ligament pain I had with Noah, and also beginning to feel anxious about going into labor. It could happen any moment, and for me, the unknown is nerve-racking. But between receiving the awesome gift from my aunt and uncle yesterday, working on my thank you cards from my baby shower, and having a really fulfilling family day with Matt and Noah, I feel like I've been remiss in my scarfy attitude.
The Lord has blessed our lives over abundantly. We live in a great city, in a good house, surrounded by sweet generous friends.  We attend a solid church that feels like home, we love and are loved, we have gracious supportive families, our second child is just a few weeks away from showing herself, and Christ has given us life.  Why and how do I still find room to complain?! It's amazing that the Lord is so patient with me because I absolutely do not deserve it. I am so thankful He has already forgiven me for these miserable parts of my personality and I don't have to live regretting the myriad of stupid attitudes I get. I'm so thankful for His love and graciousness to me.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Evie - you are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

This is perfectly said! Inspiring! Holly

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